Next-generation content delivery
needs both evolution and revolution

Moving content and compute truly to the edge will revolutionise the way the web is experienced.
Our unified solution delivers the scale, cost and UX benefits of true edge for enterprise today.

What is SPAN?

Utilising the entire network for storage and compute right to the edge transforms it into an intelligent, self-optimising cloud.


The efficiencies of fully distributed networks deliver hyper-scalability while reducing network deployment and operating costs.

Delivering SPAN

Our unified solution delivers fully-distributed networking while remaining interoperable.

How To Implement Open Caching Globally Today

Rhett Sampson

This discussion paper describes how SPAN-AI enables ISPs, telcos and CDNs to distribute studio quality, on-demand, and live video in the way the SVTA envisages.

SPAN-AI UCDN Whitepaper

GT Systems

This whitepaper describes how SPAN-AI will deliver a new, autonomous Internet enabling next-generation applications.